Bully Ray's Take on Cody Rhodes' Raw Promo

Bully Ray critiques Cody Rhodes' recent Raw outburst.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray's Take on Cody Rhodes' Raw Promo

In a recent development that has the wrestling world buzzing, Cody Rhodes delivered a fiery promo on "WWE RAW," directly addressing comments made by The Rock during last week's "WWE SmackDown." This verbal volley from Rhodes was an attempt to retaliate against "The Brahma Bull" for calling him and Seth Rollins out, sparking a debate among fans and critics alike.

While the promo received a generally positive reaction from Rhodes' followers on social media, wrestling veteran Bully Ray offered a more nuanced perspective during his appearance on "Busted Open Radio." Bully Ray, known for his critical and insightful takes on the industry, provided a lukewarm review of Rhodes' efforts, rating the promo a mere five out of ten.

Explaining his stance, Bully Ray stated, "Here's the reason I'm giving it a five: I didn't love it, I didn't hate it, it was right in the middle." He suggested that the lack of stronger criticism from the wider audience could be attributed to their personal biases favoring Rhodes.

Promo's Profanity Problem

Digging deeper into the content of the promo, Bully Ray criticized the reliance on profanity, questioning its effectiveness in bolstering Rhodes' position as a leading babyface. "You have an uber babyface cutting a promo days after The Rock talked about his mother, and the only thing you can tell me is that you liked the curses? Not good if you're the babyface," he remarked.

This reliance on swear words, according to Bully, undermined the potential for a more substantial and impactful message. Moreover, Bully Ray challenged the rationale behind the audience's support for Rhodes over The Rock, given the nature of the comments and the reactions they elicited.

He dissected the specific insults used by Rhodes, labeling them as passé and lacking the punch needed to make a significant impact. "A**hole? Passe. B**ch? Passe. 'Roman's Sidechick?' Okay, whatever? And then 'little d**k syndrome?' If the only thing that Cody would have said was LDS? If LDS was the only thing that he said? Okay, maybe," he commented, suggesting that a more focused and less vulgar approach might have served Rhodes better.

This candid feedback from Bully Ray adds another layer to the ongoing narrative between Cody Rhodes and The Rock, underscoring the complexities of character portrayal and audience engagement in professional wrestling. As fans dissect Bully Ray's critique, the conversation around what makes a compelling promo continues to evolve, highlighting the ever-present balance between shock value and substantive content.

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