Why Would Eric Bischoff Want Will Ospreay in WWE?

Ospreay's Rising Stature Sparks Cross-Promotional Speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why Would Eric Bischoff Want Will Ospreay in WWE?

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, AEW's latest sensation, Will Ospreay, has rapidly become the talk of the industry. Since officially joining AEW in November 2023, and transitioning to a full-time status just prior to Revolution 2024, Ospreay has captivated audiences and critics alike.

His remarkable performances against Konosuke Takeshita and Kyle Fletcher have been hailed as some of the finest displays of wrestling prowess in the early months of 2024, setting a high standard for the year.

Bischoff's Ospreay Appreciation

Among the vocal admirers of Ospreay's talents is none other than Eric Bischoff, a seasoned figure in the wrestling world, who shared his enthusiastic praise on the "83 Weeks" podcast.

Bischoff expressed a profound appreciation for Ospreay, highlighting not just his in-ring skills and showmanship, which he described as nearly ethereal, but also something more elusive. "I just got a powerfully good feeling about Will Ospreay," Bischoff articulated, emphasizing Ospreay's inherent "it factor" - a unique blend of charisma and appeal that can't be synthesized or replicated.

While Ospreay's tenure with AEW has only just begun, Bischoff's intrigue extends beyond the present, imagining a future where Ospreay could bring his extraordinary talent to WWE. Bischoff believes WWE's emphasis on storytelling and character development, coupled with Ospreay's already impeccable ring abilities, would create an unparalleled synergy.

"I would love to see him in WWE," Bischoff stated, envisioning Ospreay's "magic" and "it factor" being integrated into WWE's narrative-driven environment. This perspective opens a fascinating dialogue on the potential trajectories of wrestling careers and the different emphases between promotions like AEW and WWE.

As Ospreay continues to establish his legacy within AEW, the idea of him transitioning to WWE presents an intriguing possibility for fans and analysts, contemplating how his unique talents would mesh with the storied tradition and focus of WWE's global platform.

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