Carmella Reveals Touching Reason for Recent Online Hiatus

Carmella's WWE comeback sparks buzz among wrestling fans

by Atia Mukhtar
Carmella Reveals Touching Reason for Recent Online Hiatus
© Carmella/WWE

Former WWE Women's Champion Carmella has been on the low from the program for an entire year, ending up leaving several fans questioning on her whereabouts throughout the whole period. Well, later the lemon squeezes, and we learn that she was only expecting with her commentator husband Corey Graves, who has been serving at SmackDown.

To ensure, they did a few months later welcome the bundle of joy, officially a great keen step toward living their new lives together. In a sense, this offered Carmella's break itself as yet another opportunity a point not lost on Sonya Deville, as she snapped up the chance of teaming with Chelsea Green in the fictional scenario for the women's tag titles, setting new dynamics in the changing women's division of WWE.

But to say that Carmella was missing while on "hiatus" would be a total misunderstanding of the term. In fact, for a whole week, her whole story on Instagram was shut before a special update from The Princess of Staten Island herself.

Sharing a sweet message on the picture she put up with her son, it wrote, "been MIA lately. just enjoying life." The post was a reflection of one of such moments by her, focusing a lot on the family and living in a world that creates memories all around.

Carmella's Anticipated Return

Although Corey Graves had to return so quickly to the commentary desk after Dimitri came, much speculation is rife about the return of Carmella to WWE. However, with the latest entry to motherhood, fellow wrestler Alexa Bliss is set for a chance at making a comeback.

Chances are very ripe that Carmella is gonna come back making more noise in SmackDown. That meant that, while it worked through the Women's Division on SmackDown, a lot of new names came in. As new standouts from months past, including Jade Cargill, Naomi, and the whole of Damage CTRL have risen, the potential that Carmella would afford in drawing out new narratives and foes to pit her with weeks from now against the likes of Bianca Belair and Bayley's squad, or even Naomi, and others opposite Damage CTRL.

Not that slow, though, as fans can't wait for her real return in action. Carmella has been quite frank about recovering from a foot injury and getting settled in her new role as a mother; meaning, she is not in any hurry to get back too.

And though she is caught up in these moments, enjoying with her son, WWE Universe is in a waiting, longing for the day when Princess of Staten Island takes her seat inside the ring again.