Nick Aldis Rescues WrestleMania Challenger on SmackDown

Tensions escalate on SmackDown ahead of WrestleMania 40.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis Rescues WrestleMania Challenger on SmackDown
© Nick Aldis/Twitter

In a dramatic event in the sequence, a confrontation on SmackDown saw the confrontation escalate beyond control and had to be intervened by Nick Aldis. Breaking it up, though, is putting things a bit lighter than they actually were; it was by its very nature a one-sided beating.

This really could not simply be called anything lesser than a huge roadblock for a contender to said 'Mania 40 title, having occurred with just a fortnight remaining until the Show of Shows. For the blue brand of the week: Straight after, an interesting match was set up for this edition of the blue brand; mega main event: Women's Champion Iyo Sky faces off against former SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi; earlier, on the same night, Naomi had come to the aid of Bayley.

Backstage Brawl Interrupted

Then, against all expectations, following in the live feed at Iyo Sky's moment to enter the ring, without warning, you saw the live broadcast was abruptly broken off and cut to a backstage segment with Iyo Sky getting caught in a little argument with her WrestleMania 40 opponent, Bayley, before General Manager Nick Aldis was forced to break it up with as many referees and assorted officials as he possibly could.

Despite this interruption, Iyo Sky returns to the ring to have a match against Naomi. Not counting the ratio to this, it turned out to be a befitting display of the ratio, contrast in fashion, and phenomenal wrestling hence leaving Iyo Sky on a successful high.

Post-match, however, damage control went back to normal for this faction as they did what anyone could predict from the aftermath of post-matches – attacked. They went on to attack Naomi while Bianca made efforts to fend off the faction until she was subdued by a large-group of them too.

This now sets a stage for an interesting schedule towards WrestleMania 40 more so since Bianca has not been helpful to Bayley until now. What SmackDown tells people is that looking at the time for WrestleMania 40 dawning, they are going to see their alliances not only breaking but the high stakes and rivalries further pushed as well oftentimes closer to the event.

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