Becky Lynch Reflects on Making History with 16-Time WWE Champion

Wrestling power couple celebrates historic wins and personal milestones.

by Atia Mukhtar
Becky Lynch Reflects on Making History with 16-Time WWE Champion
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Becky Lynch, widely recognized as the luminous star of WWE's women's division, recently shared her reflections on a historic moment at WrestleMania 35, where she shared the spotlight with a 16-time WWE champion. Over the years, Lynch has risen to prominence within the Stamford-headquartered wrestling powerhouse, thanks in part to her relentless dedication.

Her husband, Seth Rollins, himself a 16-time WWE champion, has built an impressive career within the sports entertainment giant. While participating in a Live Singing event, Lynch reminisced about the remarkable journey she and Rollins embarked on during WWE WrestleMania 35.

Following their victories in their respective Royal Rumble matches, Lynch fondly recounted the duo's triumph in clinching major titles at the grand spectacle, describing the experience as nothing short of incredible. She highlighted the support and celebration shared between them, particularly Rollins' thoughtful gesture of greeting her with her favorite tequila upon her return to the hotel.

Shared Victories Shine

Lynch emphasized the significance of their shared victories, noting the exceptional nature of both securing championship titles on the same night, an achievement that paralleled the flourishing of their relationship alongside their professional successes.

Looking ahead, both Lynch and Rollins are poised for critical title matches at WrestleMania XL. Lynch is set to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship, while Rollins is slated to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre, setting the stage for another monumental event in their storied careers.

Lynch's recent emotional outpouring during a promo with Rhea Ripley on WWE RAW highlighted her deep connection to the sport and her personal life. The segment, which touched on the poignant subject of Lynch's father never meeting his granddaughter, added layers to her ongoing feud with Ripley, further solidifying Lynch's status as a formidable contender for the Women's World Championship at WrestleMania XL.

This narrative not only showcases Lynch's resilience and dedication but also her unwavering commitment to excellence in the ring.

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