Tony Khan Criticizes WWE Hall of Famer's Podcast Ending

AEW's Tony Khan reacts to Eric Bischoff's podcast end.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan Criticizes WWE Hall of Famer's Podcast Ending
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In a striking turn of events in the professional wrestling business, Tony Khan, President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), came out to applaud the conclusion of Eric Bischoff's 'Strictly Business' podcast. Jon Alba, co-hosting the podcast with Bischoff, announced the last edition of the show over Twitter, effectively bringing the curtain down on yet another popular venture for the WWE Hall of Famer in the field of wrestling commentary since its launch in 2022.

Eric Bischoff has been part of the wrestling business for the majority of his 68 years, known for sharp analysis and scathing criticism more often than not regarding AEW and its top management, including Khan. He had a podcast that would break down major happenings in the pro-wrestling world, and it is set to air its last episode this week.

This prompted an honest reaction from Khan. He called the podcast a "sham" and warned that closing it before signing the second-richest media rights contract in wrestling business would have been a "good idea" because the debate between AEW and WWE supporters was already on fire.

Dynamic Broadcast Legacy

He reflected on their different ways of looking at wrestling, storytelling, and life, appreciating it to be these differences that make their broadcast of great experience. Alba praised the legacy left behind by Bischoff on wrestling television and appreciated him for all the professionalism, which he said was born by their partnership that brought growth in their careers.

Bischoff's career has been a roller-coaster ride filled with huge contributions made to the television wrestling landscape, lots of influence, and controversy. His podcast with Alba brought to life a unique cocktail of experience and perspective, deep diving into the ever-changing narrative of wrestling and grabbing their audience.

While the podcast business is awaiting the departure of one of its most opinionated and opinion-forming figures from their microphones, after years of unfiltered talk and heated debates, the industry is entering a new stage filled with thrilling opportunities.

Khan's words highlight an uncompromised form of wrestling promotion and media, focusing on how the competition is still raging between the AEW and WWE, with fans and people in the industry waiting to see what happens next.

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