WWE's Becky Lynch Reveals Her Wrestling Soulmates

Becky Lynch opens up about her closest ring rivals.

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Becky Lynch Reveals Her Wrestling Soulmates
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WWE sensation Becky Lynch has revealed that a trio of her fellow wrestlers have become her "wrestling soulmates," and the bond between them is so strong that it creates magic in the ring. Discussing her newest book, "The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl," during a "Live Signing" event, Lynch spoke with fans and answered one of their inquiries: who has been her favorite in-ring partner? Unique were the special bonds crafted with each of them.

Of course, he did not forget to mention Charlotte Fljsonotair first, to whom they have perfect chemistry and the rivalry between them, one of the most legendary that remains dearly paid by many and draws new wrestling fans into the sport.

Lynch said Belair is something special and that when they get into the ring opposite one another, something special happens between them—some sort of magic.

Jax: A Fierce Rival

Lynch will find something to appreciate in both Flair and Belair, but it is her work with Jax that will, for lack of a better term, contain an extra level of satisfaction.

Against a background that includes instances of particularly grim physicality, a rivalry with Jax that included—among other things—an iconic leg drop from an announce table to Lynch on "Monday Night Raw," one of the various in-ring pairings.

Lynch's road with Flair and Belair has hard competition and respect for each other, and it points to what the women's division in WWE is built upon. The feuds, including headline matches at shows like WrestleMania, point to a division that’s come very far from its early days, where women’s wrestling often took a backseat to prominence.

This evolution reflects a broader shift within WWE and its women's division, seen far more frequently on their male counterparts. Lynch, Flair, and Belair, to name but a few, were right at the center of it all, with athletic ability and abilities of their own that rivaled anybody in the industry in terms of storytelling acumen and charisma.

As WWE builds with this momentum, what Lynch identifies in her wrestling soulmates is an underlying deep personal connection that underpins their performances and provides fans once-in-a-lifetime defining moments of what professional wrestling is.

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