WWE Legend Critiques The Rock's Harsh Attack on Cody Rhodes in RAW Clash

Wrestling icons clash in a RAW segment showdown.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Critiques The Rock's Harsh Attack on Cody Rhodes in RAW Clash
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WWE's Monday Night RAW has literally just witnessed the altercation and continued to create buzz among wrestling fans. In the first segment of the show, Cody Rhodes, infamously known by the moniker The American Nightmare, took a great beating down by The Great One, The Rock.

The confrontation quickly escalated with The Rock telling Rhodes the outcome would be a bloody one—a promise he grimly delivered in the locker room and parking lot—leaving Rhodes with his face covered in blood at night.

Indeed, it was actually the legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette who highlighted this particular incident on his latest episode of The Jim Cornette Drive-Thru. In that podcast, Cornette wondered out loud over why nobody did anything when The Rock was beating away on Rhodes.

He even questioned why none of the wrestlers in the ring, WWE officials, referees, and even the police were doing anything to tone down what was happening. The scenario depicted a massive departure from the type of protocol that could be expected to be followed in such heated situations, more so for the large high stakes linked with WrestleMania main event matches.

On the flip side, Cornette pointed out the disappearance of key characters in the storyline, mainly The Enforcer of The Bloodline. After mixing it up with Rhodes, Solo Sikoa was nowhere to be found—an inconsistency that Cornette put forth since it would have put another layer on the story.

RAW's Explosive Showdown

The high-octane events have perfectly set a stage for the explosive face-off between them to take place later this week in the continuation of RAW, where stars Roman Reigns and The Rock are set to take each other down.

With an appearance from Cody Rhodes also, the fans are set to die by the curiosity of what actually happened at the recent events. This is a developing story, but suffice to say, recent events have added a layer of intrigue and suspense to the current set of WrestleMania storylines playing out.

And so, the professional wrestling world and its fans hold their breath to see which way this intense drama rolls on the road to one of the most hotly-anticipated events the wrestling calendar has to offer.

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