Becky Lynch Disliked WWE Collaboration with Seth Rollins for Key Issue

WWE's power couple faces in-ring challenges and storyline woes.

by Noman Rasool
Becky Lynch Disliked WWE Collaboration with Seth Rollins for Key Issue
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Seth Rollins, known as a powerful WWE superstar inside the ring, just like Becky Lynch. And both couples share a beautiful life together, also professionally linked, with married life and kids. However, the on-screen partnership with the WWE Universe, according to Lynch, was a failing in many aspects, especially on the collaborative storyline that is a talking point among fans and critics in equal measure.

Becky Lynch has a candid interview with ET after making public their relationship and reveals their experience working together. WWE paired the two in the storylines creatively, where they were to go head-to-head with Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans at WWE Extreme Rules.

They were successful, but Lynch's dissatisfaction wasn't with the storyline arc they got but with the outcome of the match.

Lynch Critiques Storyline

Lynch seemed a bit disappointed because the storyline was very much about their real relationship, and thus took away from what she felt could have been an interesting story of the two top champions battling it out side by side.

"What a terrible storyline. This has to be up there with some of the worst, if not the worst, that we've had to work with. They missed the mark here in that they made it about us rather than making us champions. It feels like they stuffed it down the audience's throat to overkill," Lynch said.

But this doesn't scare Lynch at all, who is preparing for her life's biggest challenge. She is about to enter the ring with Rhea Ripley in a fight for the WWE Women's World Championship. Ripley kept her title for nearly a year and chased away all the contenders who were pretending it.

Lynch now stands in a position where she takes a run to dethrone Ripley in a colossal battle at WWE's main event, The Grandest Stage of Them All. With the wrestling community abuzz in expectancy, fans look forward to seeing if Lynch can With one week away from the show and Becky Lynch, all eyes are going to be on her to see if she's going to be able to return to action for what could be one of the biggest matches of her career.

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