Kevin Owens: Why He'll Never Chase WWE IC Title Again

Kevin Owens shares a heartfelt stance on championship pursuit.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Owens: Why He'll Never Chase WWE IC Title Again
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In the ultra-competitive world of pro-wrestling, where athletes fight with each part of their body for winning a milligram of gold, stands Kevin Owens with a view that is very different. The RAW superstar, known for his dominating power in the ring, said outrightly that he doesn't have any interest in going out after the WWE Intercontinental Championship, a title he held with distinction on his previous runs.

This is breaking news that came out during his recent appearance on the UpUpDownDown channel's Fanatics live auction when he spoke to the sentimental reason behind it. Owens, a two-time holder of the Intercontinental title, has enjoyed a commendable 132-day tenure across his reigns.

This is not, however, to say that the glory of previous titles won in years gone by is what deters him from seeking this prize again. Owens shares a connected and warm bond with the legend of wrestling, Owen Hart. Both athletes, securing the Intercontinental Championship twice, have an equal record on the number of days held.

Owens' Unique Goal

Reflecting on this symmetry, Owens said, "This is the main event; it’s the replica championship of the Intercontinental Title I held for the exact same amount of days as Owen Hart. Both had two title reigns; they total the exact amount of days, so technically, I don’t ever wanna win this again because I like that." So, as Owens distances himself from the Intercontinental title, the next in line is, of course, another prestigious accolade: The United States Championship.

But the current champion and YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, will now be firmly within the crosshairs of one Kevin Owens and fellow WWE star Randy Orton. In turn, the trio has a high-stake triple threat at the much-anticipated WrestleMania 40.

Owens and Orton are scheduled for partaking with a difference: not for a grueling match but on a mission to dismantle Paul and snatch the U.S. title. Kevin Owens had pretty much passed on another run with the Intercontinental title so that he would have something meaningful standing in relation to Owen Hart.

Now, with the WWE Universe counting down toward WrestleMania 40, all eyes will be on Owens as he chases new glory, honoring the legacy of the legends of yesteryear.

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