WWE Teases the Anticipated Comeback of Bo Dallas

Exploring wrestling's legacy through a revealing new documentary spotlight.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Teases the Anticipated Comeback of Bo Dallas
© WWE/YouTube

Bo Dallas is reportedly on the cusp of a major comeback to WWE television, marking a significant re-emergence to the product after a notable absence from the spotlight for an extended period. This return is eagerly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike, speculating on the potential impact and storyline possibilities his presence could bring to the WWE universe.

Following the interesting alignment with his brother, Bray Wyatt, upon Wyatt's stunning return at the 2022 Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, Dallas took on the bizarre character of Uncle Howdy. It was a development cut in its tracks in March as both Dallas and Wyatt were written off TV due to a health issue concerning the latter.

The wrestling community suffered a major loss as Wyatt died suddenly in August, reportedly from a heart attack.

WWE Total Divas Teaser

The recent documentary on Peacock, "Brjson Windhup in Total Divas," includes interviews with tribute wrestling champions Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Becky Lynch, Triple H, and the wrestler himself, Bo Dallas.

The documentary ended with a lantern and a mysterious voice whispering "run," obviously quoting his most famous words. It ended with a silhouette of an unidentified figure, obviously whipping fans into a frenzy of speculation.

As sources have pointed out on Fightful Select, the vignette comes off as mysterious but a teaser for Dallas, preparing to be making a return to WWE television shortly. Details on when or how his on-screen return would happen were not given, but Dallas has been under a WWE contract in 2022.

With his brother having died, WWE was considerate and forward-thinking in that they didn't bring Dallas back to the television roster right away. That almost certainly reflects the kind of support that WWE, behind the scenes, has given Dallas as he grieves and tries to move forward.

With the expected return of Bo Dallas, the wrestling community will be watching very intently with what WWE returns him and develops his story to be something personal that fans know and tie into the history of the wrestling world.