Grant's Coerced Love Letter to McMahon

A twist in legal battles engulfs WWE's former executive.

by Atia Mukhtar
Grant's Coerced Love Letter to McMahon
© WWE/YouTube

In what represents one of the latest developments that will add further layers to what is an already complex legal battle, ex-WWE employee Janel Grant finds herself at the eye of a legal maelstrom with the company and its high-profile figures Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis.

The Grant allegations—that he framed a story of trafficking—have taken an interesting turn with the emergence of a so-called love letter sent to McMahon and reported by the New York Post. The letter, dating back to December 24, 2021, expresses profound emotional attachment.

"After nearly three years of shared experience, my reality feels incomplete in your absence, each facet of life twisting and braiding along with mine at every jun point," Grant reportedly wrote.

Letter Controversy Escalates

But now, that private communication is turning into scrutiny by allegations from Grant's attorney, Ann Callis, who represents him.

Callis said she was troubled to see McMahon's defense that she termed being premised on psychological games that aim at turning the victim's word against them. "It's repulsive that McMahon would present these letters—letters he allegedly forced her to write—as a defense against the serious accusations at his doorstep," she said, branding it a continuation of what McMahon is alleged to have been.

These allegations were opposed by Jessica Taub Rosenberg, who represented McMahon, and instead placed it as an independent act of free will, untrammeled by any kind of coercion. Rosenberg accentuated that in the history of changes in the draft of this letter, it could be displayed that Grant did so voluntarily.

Besides, there was no word of any kind of coercion in her detailed complaint. But in the swirl of conflicting narratives, a spokesman for Grant, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the letters were written at the direction of McMahon, often incorporating elements of pop culture to meet his specifications.

That reportedly included references from such high sources as the GQ article written on Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly and even lines of the classic movie "The Bishop's Wife." As the legal action heats up and Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP firm continues its work to try to extract evidence from the laptop of Grant, this controversy may bring to light many of the tangled issues over the subject of personal and professional boundaries in the behemoth of wrestling entertainment.