Becky Lynch Sets Sights on Elevating Women's Wrestling

Becky Lynch discusses elevating the future of women's wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
Becky Lynch Sets Sights on Elevating Women's Wrestling
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Becky Lynch, the renowned WWE Superstar, is set to make headlines again at WrestleMania 40, where she will battle Rhea Ripley for the coveted Women's World Championship. Known as "The Man" in the wrestling world, Lynch has consistently been a pillar of the WWE, clinching titles and setting benchmarks throughout her illustrious career.

In an insightful conversation with Sports Illustrated, Lynch shared her vision for the future of women's professional wrestling, emphasizing her desire to pave the way for female wrestlers to achieve the same heights of success she has reached.

Lynch, who has repeatedly captured gold and stood as a central figure in the women's division, surprisingly steered the conversation away from her accolades. Instead, she highlighted the importance of creating opportunities for all women in the industry, echoing a sentiment of collective progress over individual achievements.

"The future of women's wrestling is what truly matters, and it's larger than any one individual," Lynch remarked, underscoring her commitment to elevating the sport as a whole.

Lynch's Trailblazing Journey

Reflecting on her trailblazing career, Lynch pointed to her history-making moments, such as headlining WrestleMania and leading main events on Raw and live events—achievements that were once unimaginable for women in wrestling.

She shared how pivotal it is to push boundaries and take on challenges, like her match with Xia Li, which was a significant opportunity for both athletes. "Every step forward in this industry, no matter how small it seems, contributes to the greater elevation of our division," she stated.

Despite facing skepticism and critics throughout her career, Lynch remains focused on her goal to inspire and uplift her peers in the locker room. She views every challenge as an opportunity to prove her detractors wrong and to contribute to the growth of the women's division.

"My greatest work comes when I'm underestimated. It's about more than just me; it's about inspiring others and driving the business forward," Lynch concluded, reinforcing her dedication to not only her personal success but the advancement of women's wrestling as a whole.

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