Bully Ray Details WWE's Strategy to Refocus Spotlight on Roman Reigns

Wrestling's biggest stage sets scene for Bloodline's internal drama.

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray Details WWE's Strategy to Refocus Spotlight on Roman Reigns
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As WrestleMania 40 approaches, discussions have surged around the positioning of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in relation to The Rock, a fellow member of the Bloodline. Speculation intensified following last week's "Raw," where The Rock's aggressive attack on Reigns' WrestleMania challenger, Cody Rhodes, seemingly shifted the narrative focus towards The Rock and Rhodes rather than on the Reigns-Rhodes rivalry.

Bully Ray, a prominent figure in wrestling commentary, previously expressed concerns that The Rock might be overshadowing Rhodes and Reigns. However, on a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully offered a new perspective.

He highlighted a promo by Paul Heyman on "SmackDown" that skillfully redirected the spotlight back onto Reigns, affirming his central role in the unfolding drama. Bully Ray elucidated, "They connected that dot. It's clear now that The Rock's actions against Cody—bloodying him, the assault with the weight belt, and more—were executed on behalf of 'The Tribal Chief,' Roman Reigns.

This maneuver repositions Roman at the forefront of the narrative, where he rightfully belongs. Lately, it seemed The Rock was eclipsing everyone else, turning the spotlight towards a potential showdown with Cody. If that were the case, perhaps they should be the headliners for WrestleMania's Night Two."

Spotlight on Reigns

Bully Ray pointed out, "The marquee matchup for Night Two remains Roman Reigns versus Cody Rhodes for the Universal Championship.

It's imperative to maintain focus and credibility on Roman. He represents the main course, the essence of the competition. While The Rock adds flavor to the storyline, akin to side dishes, the main narrative should revolve around the championship bout between Roman and Cody.

This is where the spotlight must stay, underscoring the prestige of the World Championship on the line." This strategic narrative pivot by WWE underscores the importance of maintaining focus on its reigning champion, Roman Reigns, ensuring the storyline remains anchored to the central championship battle as WrestleMania 40 draws near.

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