Carmella Shares Motherhood Journey, Hints at WWE Return

WWE star Carmella opens up about life as a new mom.

by Noman Rasool
Carmella Shares Motherhood Journey, Hints at WWE Return
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WWE sensation Carmella has been conspicuously absent from the wrestling scene, following her departure to embrace motherhood. Former SmackDown Women's champion and WWE commentator Corey Graves became a parent for the first time after their baby was born on November 8, 2023.

This comes months after they exchanged their vows in April of 2022. It was no easy path to motherhood for Carmella as well, since she very courageously revealed her fight against ectopic pregnancy, which, unfortunately, ended in miscarriage before the joyous birth of their child.

Carmella's Motherhood Struggles

Five months into motherhood, the honesty she poured into the topic for her Instagram followers showed the complexity and sheer fatigue that goes hand in hand with the territory. She detailed some of the curveballs that had come her way with the child reaching various development milestones, such as the four-month sleep regression period and the arrival of teething.

"It's been a rough few weeks, I'm not going to lie. "It's like I am always falling short," she said, knowing how mom guilt feels very hard and the really overwhelming fatigue that causes her to cancel plans and aspirations.

Despite these challenges, Carmella’s spirit remains unbroken. Celebrating motherhood in all its mess and realness in a follow-up post, she wrote: "Life is amazing "This being a mother is the greatest joy I have ever been able to have," she said in reminiscence, with utter veneration for the unfolding of mothering in a way that brought her such deep joy and sense of fulfillment.

In the wrestling world, taking a hiatus for maternity leave is not unprecedented. Another top WWE superstar, Becky Lynch, took a time off the wrestling scene when she announced her pregnancy and was later welcomed back. Carmella's journey reflects on this path, and indeed, there is a lot of hope and anticipation from her fans for her to make a comeback.

Most of the speculation probably leads to the point that Carmella may be on her way back to the SmackDown roster, probably working in tandem as a stable with Bliss, who is also on a maternity break currently. However, with her being one of the marquee talents of WWE, it wouldn't come as a surprise if and when she does indeed make her way back soon to strengthen the depth and dynamism in their women's division.