STARDOM Icons Giulia and Rossy Ogawa Attend WWE WrestleMania Event

Stars align in Philadelphia ahead of WrestleMania weekend buzz.

by Atia Mukhtar
STARDOM Icons Giulia and Rossy Ogawa Attend WWE WrestleMania Event
© BCW Brian Campbell/YouTube

In a move that has sparked widespread speculation and excitement within the wrestling community, Rossy Ogawa and Giulia, two figures synonymous with the illustrious World Wonder Ring STARDOM, have been sighted in Philadelphia.

This city is playing host to the highly anticipated WWE WrestleMania 40 event this weekend, a convergence point for wrestling's elite talents and their devoted fanbase. The departure of Rossy Ogawa, the visionary founder of STARDOM, earlier this year, marked a significant turning point for the promotion.

His exit was followed by a notable exodus of talent, among them Giulia, the celebrated former NJPW STRONG Women's Champion, whose prowess in the ring and magnetic charisma have made her a standout figure in women's wrestling.

Sources including Fightful and PWInsider have corroborated sightings of both Ogawa and Giulia in the city, stirring rumors and anticipation among fans. Giulia, in particular, has been engaging with the wrestling community, spotted mingling with fans and capturing moments at the WWE World event, signaling her continued influence and popularity in the wrestling world.

Giulia's WWE Pause

The wrestling rumor mill has been abuzz with talk of Giulia's potential transition to WWE, suggesting an imminent debut that has been tentatively delayed. Giulia is purportedly committed to supporting Ogawa's forthcoming promotion in Japan, indicating a strategic pause in her move to WWE to ensure the new venture's successful launch.

This development suggests a strategic, though temporary, hiatus from WWE to lend her star power to Ogawa's emerging project. The circumstances surrounding Ogawa's departure from STARDOM in February 2024 have been controversial, with allegations of talent poaching leading to his dismissal.

Ogawa has since announced his intent to launch a new promotion, a move that has both intrigued and divided opinion within the wrestling community. This new venture's debut event remains highly anticipated, with details still under wraps.

Meanwhile, Giulia's status as a free agent was spectacularly highlighted by her surprise appearance at a Pro Wrestling NOAH event in Tokyo on April 1, further fueling speculation about her career trajectory and the evolving landscape of women's wrestling.

This latest development adds another layer to the ongoing narrative of change and innovation within the industry, as both Ogawa and Giulia navigate their next moves in the wrestling world.