US Express Honors Bray Wyatt in WWE Hall of Fame Speech Finale

A touching moment unfolds at wrestling's night of legends.

by Atia Mukhtar
US Express Honors Bray Wyatt in WWE Hall of Fame Speech Finale
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In a poignant and historic moment at the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, the legendary tag team US Express, composed of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham, received the prestigious honor of induction. The ceremony, held on a star-studded Friday night, was not just a celebration of their illustrious careers but also an emotional tribute to their family's wrestling legacy and the memory of the late Windham Rotunda, widely known to the wrestling world as Bray Wyatt.

The evening took a deeply personal turn as Rotunda’s children and Windham’s niece and nephew, Mika and Taylor Rotunda — who fans may recognize as Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy from their WWE personas took the stage.

They not only celebrated the achievements of their father and uncle but also commemorated their brother, Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt), whose untimely passing in August of the previous year left the wrestling community in mourning.

Family's Wrestling Legacy

Taylor Rotunda expressed the heartfelt sentiment, “[He] should also be standing on this stage with us tonight,” acknowledging Bray Wyatt’s spiritual presence at the event. Mika Rotunda poignantly added, “Quite frankly, there would be no Windham Rotunda without Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda,” highlighting the indelible impact their family has had on the wrestling industry.

As Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham took their place in the spotlight, they shared nostalgic memories of their early days in wrestling, before their partnership as US Express was formed under the guidance of fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.

The duo reminisced about Barry Windham’s introduction of Mike to his sister, Stephanie, leading to a marriage that further entwined their lives both inside and outside the ring. The ceremony reached an emotional climax as Mike Rotunda invoked the memory of his son, Bray Wyatt, inviting the audience to honor him.

“I would just like to say that I wish our son Windham could’ve been here. He would’ve liked to see his old man go into the Hall of Fame, so in honor of Windham, please join us,” Mike stated, as he held aloft a phone with its flashlight illuminated.

In a scene reminiscent of Bray Wyatt’s iconic entrance, the Wells Fargo Center was bathed in the glow of countless ‘fireflies’, with fans turning on their flashlights in unison as Wyatt’s haunting theme music, "The Fiend", resonated throughout the arena.

This stirring tribute not only marked the close of the induction ceremony but also served as a powerful reminder of Wyatt’s enduring legacy in the hearts of fans and family alike, ensuring his spirit continues to illuminate the world of wrestling.

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