Naomi Remains Receptive to WWE Comeback When the Chance Arises

Naomi Opens Up About Her WWE Comeback Strategy

by Noman Rasool
Naomi Remains Receptive to WWE Comeback When the Chance Arises
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Few returns in recent memory seemed as unlikely and thrilling as those coming back to the WWE landscape when the calendar turned over to a new year. While the return of The Rock definitely would set shockwaves in the WWE Universe among the high-profile returns, certainly, the reemergence of The Rock would set up a WrestleMania 40 to be remembered.

Equally outstanding, however, was the reappearance of Naomi in the Women's Royal Rumble match 2024, recalling talent that was important for the company and the former Women's Champion herself. Naomi left the WWE a few years back, and since then, speculation about her return had been rife.

While she had scouted opportunities at TNA, coming back to WWE will be a huge leap not just for her career but also a reconfirmation of belonging to the WWE Universe.

Naomi's Strategic Return

Naomi shed some light on her decision to return to WWE on The Ringer Wrestling Show.

The former TNA standout expressed that a return was always in her sights, contingent on the right moment and opportunity. "It was never a question of if I would return, but rather when and how," Naomi said. Not in the manner she did.

With a determination to leave on her own terms and with a company she "could not adore any more," Naomi was biding her time until the perfect moment came to make her grand return. "The circumstances of my leaving were not the best, but I knew that I probably would need to leave the bus for several months, most likely deal with several questions, and then somehow come back but be on much firmer ground.

It was more a question of time and opportunity, with me being given the chance to come back and reign again in the company that has held me very importantly," Naomi said. Since her return, Naomi has been a dominant force in the women's division, quickly rising to prominence.

She is set to team with Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill in a must-win match against Damage CTRL at WrestleManis 40. That alliance and the future challenge on the grandest stage of them all are sure to add another big exclamation point to a decorated career for Naomi in WWE.