Cody Rhodes to Battle Wrestling Legend at Backlash After Incident

Wrestling fans anticipate a monumental showdown at Backlash 2024.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes to Battle Wrestling Legend at Backlash After Incident
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Cody Rhodes is set to square off against the winner of a crucial number-one contender's match between AJ Styles and LA Knight on the upcoming episode of SmackDown. This match is pivotal, as it determines who will challenge Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the much-anticipated Backlash Premium Live Event in France.

AJ Styles, a seasoned 46-year-old wrestling icon, could potentially secure his spot in this headline bout under dubious circumstances. The match between Styles and Knight could see interference from Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga, the formidable duo who recently showcased their dominance on the blue brand.

This disruption could skew the odds in favor of Styles, allowing him to capitalize on an attack on Knight and snatch a controversial victory. With Styles currently embracing a villainous persona, he is unlikely to shy away from exploiting any advantage to clinch a win.

His readiness to leverage such situations makes him a compelling opponent for Rhodes at Backlash 2024. This potential matchup not only promises high stakes but also marks the first time Styles and Rhodes would collide in a WWE ring, igniting excitement among wrestling fans eager to see these two superstars clash.

Rhodes vs. Styles Showdown

The narrative leading up to this encounter could serve as a fresh storyline following WrestleMania XL, offering fans a dynamic and electrifying conflict. Styles, one of the most accomplished athletes in professional wrestling, would present a formidable challenge to Rhodes, who has recently begun to make his mark in the WWE.

A victory against Styles would not only validate Rhodes' championship reign but also enhance his status as a leading figure in the organization. The impending clash between Rhodes and Styles at Backlash 2024 could significantly bolster WWE's international appeal, especially with the event set in France.

This matchup aligns well with WWE's traditional approach of crafting hero versus villain narratives, which have historically amplified interest and engagement among viewers. As WWE continues to develop these captivating feuds, the anticipation for Rhodes versus Styles builds.

This bout is not just a test of skill and resilience but also a potential cornerstone for both wrestlers' legacies. Fans can look forward to a match that not only highlights the prowess of these seasoned competitors but also sets the stage for future storylines in WWE's evolving landscape.

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