WWE Criticized for Mishandling Will Ospreay Situation

Ospreay opts for AEW over WWE in landmark move.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Criticized for Mishandling Will Ospreay Situation
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Will Ospreay's decision to sign a full-time contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) marked an epoch. He had announced his decision during the 'AEW Full Gear' event and said he would move from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) to AEW after finishing his commitments with NJPW in February.

The move by Ospreay swiftly places him among the free agents in the wrestling industry. He'd not be doing this for his first time to interact with a number of promotions, but from those he had, Ospreay found the terms from AEW more appealing than the terms from WWE and went for what he termed the most lucrative.

But actor and wrestling fan Freddie Prinze Jr., on his podcast "Wrestling With Freddie," launched a scathing attack on WWE for securing the services of Ospreay, saying the promotion "just missed out on a really big opportunity.

WWE Fumbles Ospreay Deal

"WWE really dropped the ball on this one," Prinze Jr. remarked. "Ospreay himself shared that he was faced with a choice between what amounted to an NXT-level contract or a multi-million dollar deal with AEW.

He chose the latter, which was undoubtedly a 'peace out' moment to WWE." WWE is said to be very excited with what Triple H saw, considering he is said to have great expectations from Ospreay as one that will one day become a top WWE star.

Still, the wrestling world is going to watch very closely how Ajson responds now and how AEW chooses to use Ospreay moving forward, be it in pushing him to the level of top-tier star in the next number of months. These are also developments that further reveal the competitive dynamics of WWE and AEW, especially in the crème de la crème category of international talents.

This further underlines why AEW is becoming an ever more appealing platform for wrestlers looking for avenues that will reward them not only in bulging purses but opportunities to express their art. As Ospreay embarks on this new chapter with AEW, the wrestling world watches with anticipation.

His performances and storyline placements will be pivotal in determining whether AEW's investment translates into a significant return, both in terms of audience engagement and overall market influence.

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