Speculation Grows That Stephanie McMahon's WWE Comeback is a Signal to Vince McMahon

WrestleMania 40 spotlights unexpected shifts in WWE leadership dynamics.

by Noman Rasool
Speculation Grows That Stephanie McMahon's WWE Comeback is a Signal to Vince McMahon
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Stephanie McMahon, one of the key and long-time figures of WWE, recently made headlines with her surprising presence at WrestleMania 40, which raised many guesses around what her message to her father, Vince McMahon, will be.

It was the first public appearance that she would do since stepping down from her role as co-CEO, and that gave the presentation a little extra juice. At WrestleMania 40, McMahon was the subject of an emotional promo that finally reached not only her long history with the event but a new direction being taken under Paul Levesque.

In all sincerity, McMahon's speech really set the tone for the night willing the present into a new era while somehow staying in concert with the past.

Stephanie's Strategic Presence

Her being present right next to Triple H during the event became a center of attention, especially in the Hall of Fame speech of Paul Heyman when he referred to himself as a "Paul Levesque guy." Jonathan Coachman, while speaking on the Behind The Turnbuckle podcast, took this as being one of the biggest winks at Triple H's WWE.

He showed his surprise that Stephanie was next to her husband in such a great moment meaning everything seemed to be at the favor of Triple H leading the corporation. "And when Stephanie sits there and gives Triple H his flowers, it's a pretty clear message to her dad: 'I'm not you.

You're not gonna run me off like you ran so-and-so off, and my brother Shane, who's been out of this business for several years because she quit like a year ago, Tommy.' So, that, to me, was more powerful than what Paul Heyman did.

It was Stephanie sitting there. And when we haven't seen her for a year, and you picked that night to come back. Didn't you think that was calculated?" noted Coachman. Returning to WWE programming at WrestleMania with no prior public announcement, Stephanie McMahon had observers and both fans and haters of the WWE scratching their heads at the strategic nature of her next moves.

Whether this marks a one-off appearance or hints at a more regular return to the screen remains to be seen. But every move she put forth at WrestleMania 40 was heralding of a new Ata, who seems to have been signposted in this star-making moment.

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