WWE Fans Slam Solo Sikoa's Hypocritical Promo on SmackDown

Solo Sikoa struggles to regain his early dominance.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Fans Slam Solo Sikoa's Hypocritical Promo on SmackDown
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Fans of WWE didn't rest on it after Solo Sikoa made a controversial promo last week during the SmackDown episode. In a shocker, Sikoa, with the help of new recruit Tama Tonga, gave Jimmy Uso from The Bloodline the boot. Addressing the WWE Universe, Sikoa expanded on the fact that after a loss, one has to take time to welcome change.

Despite his impassioned speech, viewers struggled to align with Sikoa's words, given his recent performance record. Remarkably, Sikoa has not secured a victory on television or at live events since his significant win over John Cena at Crown Jewel in November.

His ongoing losing streak, spanning nearly five months, has left fans bewildered and questioning his credibility. Amidst this backdrop, WWE fans are abuzz with speculation. Some suggest that Sikoa may be positioned as the next Tribal Chief, drawing parallels to Roman Reigns' own losses, including a high-profile defeat at WrestleMania XL.

Others theorize a deeper storyline involving The Rock, particularly after Sikoa destroyed Paul Heyman’s phone during a crucial attempt to contact Reigns. Adding to the narrative complexity is Tama Tonga’s debut and rumors swirling about Jacob Fatu's recent signing with WWE, hinting at further developments in The Bloodline saga.

Sikoa's Faltering Momentum

Despite the setbacks, Sikoa's early promise as a potential world champion was evident when he effortlessly defeated Cena, propelling him into the spotlight. However, his subsequent track record on WWE programming has been less than stellar, with seven televised matches resulting in six losses and one draw.

Among these encounters, notable matches include his pinfall loss to Randy Orton and disqualifications against AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Jey Uso. His confrontation with Seth Rollins ended in a no-contest due to interference from The Rock and Roman Reigns.

The wrestling community remains engaged, watching closely as Solo Sikoa’s storyline unfolds, hoping for a turnaround that could redefine his trajectory in WWE. The saga of The Bloodline continues to captivate, promising twists and dramatic confrontations in the episodes to come.

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