Cody Rhodes' WWE Title Undergoes Official Name Change

WrestleMania rematch sets stage for Rhodes' first title defense.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes' WWE Title Undergoes Official Name Change
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When Cody Rhodes toppled Roman Reigns, the epoch's most indomitable champion, at WrestleMania 40 to take home the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, he added a befitting final paragraph in his odyssey to greatness. That monumental win marked not only the end of Reigns' dominant reign but also heralded the onset of a new epoch under WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

Since his departure following the defeat, Reigns has stepped out of the way, giving the spotlight to Rhodes to lead WWE into this fresh chapter. One of the big changes that surfaced in regard to Rhodes and his championship title.

From that little but big change, first the change is named as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion from the start; now the name actually says Undisputed WWE Champion. Where this change is now reflected is in a strategic move on WWE's official platforms, which has dropped the "Universal" from Rhodes' accolade, an indication that it is a definitive end to the "Reigns era" started in 2020.

Rhodes' Challenger Determined

This week on SmackDown, Rhodes' first title challenger will be decided in a high-stakes rematch from WrestleMania 40. LA Knight and AJ Styles are set to clash, with the victor earning a shot at Rhodes’ championship at the upcoming WWE Backlash event in France.

This match not only sets the stage for Rhodes’ inaugural defense as champion but also solidifies his role at the forefront of WWE’s evolving narrative. As WWE continues to adapt and grow, Rhodes’ reign as champion is poised to be a central narrative force, drawing fans and shaping the future of the franchise.

With the legacy of the Universal title behind him, Rhodes is now firmly established as the Undisputed WWE Champion, ready to take on all challengers and carve out his own era of dominance. This pivotal evolution in WWE’s title hierarchy not only reflects the changing tides within the organization but also emphasizes the ongoing transformation under Levesque’s guidance, promising a dynamic and thrilling future for fans worldwide, further elevating the sport's appeal and excitement.

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