WWE Faces Criticism Over Damian Priest's Portrayal as World Champion

Jim Cornette voices concerns over WWE's creative decisions.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Faces Criticism Over Damian Priest's Portrayal as World Champion
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In the aftermath of his win at WrestleMania 40, controversy reigned in terms of Damian Priest's reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion amongst fans and industry critics. After carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase for quite some time, Priest's victorious cash-in at WrestleMania overshadowed Drew McIntyre's victory over Seth Rollins to bag the coveted title, as he cashed in his triumphant Money in the Bank contract.

However, his character and the way it's treated subsequently are being criticized as not befitting the gravitas of the new status. In the aftermath of his victory, Priest's interactions have often skewed towards lighter, more humorous segments, notably involving The Judgment Day and the comedy duo of R-Truth and The Miz.

Such appearances culminated in a six-man tag team match on last week's RAW, featuring wrestling icon John Cena. This direction in storytelling has raised eyebrows, with some commentators questioning the appropriateness of these narratives for a world champion.

Cornette Calls Out WWE

Leading wrestling figure Jim Cornette addressed the matter in his podcast, "Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru," recently, blaming WWE for putting Priest in a position to come out looking weaker than his title-holding persona.

Cornette argued that, while serving its purpose to advance the rest of the narrative arcs, this particular storyline "did little to make Priest look like a good, serious champion" – something the creative team had been trying so hard to achieve.

"The promo, why are they treating Priest like he still needs to be interacting with all these foolish children?" Cornette lamented. He suggested that while the storyline might be strategically beneficial for other wrestlers, it simultaneously detracts from Priest's credibility as the titleholder.

As Damian Priest moves forward with his championship reign, all eyes are on how WWE will navigate his character development. With a major title defense scheduled at WWE Backlash on May 4th, the company's portrayal of Priest in the coming weeks will be crucial.

Moreover, Priest's recent contract renewal with WWE underscores the company's long-term plans for him, hinting at significant storyline developments that could reshape his trajectory as a champion. The wrestling community remains split on the creative direction for Damian Priest.

As WWE continues to evolve its storylines, the balance between entertainment and maintaining the sanctity of the championship title will be pivotal in defining Priest's legacy and the brand's credibility among its ardent followers.

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