Gunther's Debut WWE TV Appearance Post-WrestleMania 40 Announced

Exploring Gunther's next moves in the WWE landscape.

by Noman Rasool
Gunther's Debut WWE TV Appearance Post-WrestleMania 40 Announced
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The historic reign of Gunther as WWE Intercontinental Champion will end at WrestleMania 40.Amazing just may be an understatement for the former Intercontinental Champion Gunther, whose incredible title run finally halted this past Saturday at WrestleMania 40.

He had the longest reign, with the title dating back to June 2022; it is, therefore, a new benchmark in WWE lore. Zayn’s relentless Helluva Kicks eventually dethroned the reigning champion in a dramatic end to Gunther’s historic run.

As much as Gunther dominated all through the match, it was a show of resilience by Zayn that actually turned the tide.

Gunther's Anticipated Return

Fans are increasingly curious about Gunther's future following WrestleMania 40.

According to sources cited by Wrestle Votes on Twitter, The Ring General is slated to make his WWE television comeback on the upcoming Monday Night RAW, scheduled for April 22. His return is highly anticipated, as enthusiasts and analysts speculate on potential rivalries and storylines that might unfold.

“Following his IC title loss to Sami Zayn at WM, Gunther is scheduled to return to TV this Monday on RAW,” the tweet read.The WWE Universe can't wait for Gunther's response, recently defeated for his title, hence cannot avoid guessing what is in store for him in the future inside the business.

He proved by all odds that his skills and zeal were still in place in a match this past week, leaving the fiercest question about future competitions open. Both fans and critics will wait to see how WWE uses the former Intercontinental Champion going forward.

The crowd-proven sensation the following chapters of Gunther in WWE has to be at least as compelling as his illustrious path to date. As we edge closer and closer to his return to the idiot box, wrestling breathlessly does, looking to see what the next installment in Gunther's storied WWE career will bring.

This Monday on RAW, fans will assuredly get their first look at what's on the docket for this legendary wrestler post-WrestleMania 40.

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