Ronda Rousey Criticized for Shifting Blame in Controversial WWE Comments

Coachman disputes Rousey's claims about WWE preparation issues.

by Noman Rasool
Ronda Rousey Criticized for Shifting Blame in Controversial WWE Comments
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It's been long since former WWE superstar Ronda Rousey departed from the wrestling giant following her match last year in SummerSlam opposite Shayna Baszler. Rousey has never been one to shy away from her many grievances over time with WWE, often calling out the organization for practices she felt were unfair.

These moves turned the wrestling community against her. Rousey has lately been very critical of the WWE and actually said that the company treats talent such as Logan Paul better, giving them ample time and other resources to prepare for matches.

She compared her debut, stating that it was a done deal with a practice period of six weeks, something she says never occurred again. She thinks this is what prevented her from finding success with the follow-up to the first match.

Coachman Criticizes Rousey

This has been brought out even more in the "Behind The Turnbuckle" podcast in which Jonathan Coachman, a former WWE commentator, expressed his annoyance towards Rousey's demeanor. Coachman blamed Rousey for trying not to own up to her performance, indicating that she never put effort into learning wrestling.

He trashed the claims that were by Rousey that she was ill-prepared since, according to him, in his time, he never saw her doing the needed practices. "Ronda Rousey's narrative frustrates me," Coachman said on the podcast.

"She claims lack of support hindered her, but from what I observed, she didn’t fully utilize the resources at her disposal. This mindset of blaming others is not what you see in top performers like Becky Lynch, who has openly critiqued Rousey's ring skills." Coachman’s remarks highlight a broader debate about accountability and work ethic in professional wrestling.

He emphasized that Rousey’s first major match set high expectations which she subsequently failed to meet, due in part to what he sees as her reluctance to fully commit to the demanding training schedule. Despite her retirement from professional wrestling, Rousey's critical comments continue to stir controversy.

Labeled by some as bitter, she remains indifferent to public opinion, focusing instead on her own perspective. As the debate rages on, the wrestling community remains divided on whether Rousey’s criticisms are a candid look at the inner workings of WWE or a case of shifting blame away from personal shortcomings.

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