Dave Meltzer: Triple H’s Comments on Will Ospreay Have Not Aged Well

Wrestling star Will Ospreay continues his remarkable ascent.

by Noman Rasool
Dave Meltzer: Triple H’s Comments on Will Ospreay Have Not Aged Well
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In a gripping encounter that captivated wrestling fans, Will Ospreay secured a career-defining victory against Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty. However, the match was not without its controversies, as Ospreay announced his decision to retire one of his signature moves following a harrowing injury scare during the event.

The wrestling community has closely followed Ospreay’s journey, especially after his recent clash with WWE's Executive Vice President, Triple H. The controversy stems from Triple H’s critical remarks on a recent episode of Dynamite, where he questioned Ospreay’s commitment and implied that his attitude was not up to WWE standards.

These comments have not aged well, according to respected wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer praised Ospreay’s performance at Dynasty, criticizing Triple H’s previous assessment.

“Watching this match, it’s clear those comments from Triple H aged like stale milk,” Meltzer remarked. “You cannot watch Ospreay and seriously think he’s not good enough for WWE. The only mistake here was not making him a competitive offer”.

Ospreay's WWE Oversight

Ospreay himself has moved on from the incident, expressing a desire to no longer engage with WWE-level discourse. "I won’t lower myself to reference anyone from that company again," he stated, focusing on his future in AEW.

Ospreay’s resolve and electrifying performance at Dynasty underscore a significant missed opportunity for WWE. As he continues to amass significant wins and grow his fanbase, Ospreay remains a central figure in wrestling, demonstrating that talent and determination often speak louder than words.

This latest victory and the ongoing narrative around his career not only enhance Ospreay's standing in the sport but also serve as a reminder of the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of professional wrestling. Fans and insiders alike will undoubtedly watch his next moves with great interest, as he continues to define his legacy in the wrestling world.

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