Nikki Bella's Decision Not to Join AEW Explained by Toni Storm

AEW's Toni Storm sheds light on a surprising revelation.

by Noman Rasool
Nikki Bella's Decision Not to Join AEW Explained by Toni Storm

Toni Storm successfully defended her AEW Women's World Championship against Thunder Rosa at AEW Dynasty, marking a significant milestone in her wrestling career. This victory was particularly notable as it was Storm's first one-on-one win over Rosa, a feat that eluded her in previous encounters.

The backdrop to this match was filled with history, considering that Rosa had to vacate the title in 2022 due to an injury, leaving an unresolved tension between the two athletes. In her triumphant moment, Storm did not mince words during the post-show media scrum.

She confidently expressed her belief in her ability to transform the wrestling industry, suggesting that those looking for cinematic storytelling might as well watch a movie. Her candid comments reflect her no-nonsense approach to wrestling, emphasizing authenticity over theatrical flair.

The discussion took a turn when Storm addressed the buzz surrounding Nicole Garcia, formerly known as Nikki Bella in WWE. Recently, Garcia hinted at a potential move to AEW, inspired by Mercedes Mone’s debut earlier in March 2024.

However, upon witnessing Storm's prowess in the ring, Garcia reportedly reconsidered her decision.

Storm's Bold Declaration

Storm’s remarks were sharp and unfiltered: "Nicole Garcia thought about joining AEW when she saw what Mercedes did.

You know why she didn't? Because she then saw me and realized she can’t hold a candle to what I do. I am the one taking this company to new heights, and I don’t even try to. I'm just being me, and it’s the greatest thing I could ever be, and it’s the greatest thing that could happen to all of you too." This statement not only highlights Storm's confidence in her own abilities but also underscores a competitive edge that is resonant throughout AEW.

Her words set a tone of fierce rivalry and high standards within the women's division, suggesting that AEW is a platform where only the very best thrive. Storm's bold declaration sets the stage for what fans can expect in the evolving landscape of women’s wrestling within AEW.

As she continues to dominate the ring with her unique blend of skill and charisma, Storm remains a pivotal figure in driving the sport forward, challenging her peers and captivating wrestling fans around the world.

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