Baron Corbin's WWE Makeover

Exploring significant changes following WWE's latest roster updates.

by Atia Mukhtar
Baron Corbin's WWE Makeover
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Several weeks ago, the whole wrestling world witnessed a massive turn in events as Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin lost the NXT Tag Team Championship and handed them over to Nathan Frazer and Axiom. In that moment, it had been clear that the career of Breakker, as well as Corbin, was going to take some unexpected turn since it had long been slated to move to the WWE main roster.

While those expectations did come true, there is a twist that would surprise many for Baron Corbin as he goes through a major change while on the road. During the most recent WWE draft, Bron Breakker was picked for RAW and with that, he has come to the prestigious red brand.

In a matter of 16 seconds, Bron Breakker has already made an impact, securing a win in his very first match on the show. But not everything at Draft was good news. It separated the former tag partner Baron Corbin, who is now drafted to SmackDown.

Sources at Fightful Select tell that the split is strategic, and that it was going to open a window for WWE to push Breakker as a possible leading singles competitor.

Corbin's Brand Shift

As Corey Brennan of Fightful Select pointed out, when Corbin moves to SmackDown, it is more than just a shift of shows; this is, in more exact words, a change of scenery.

Really, this could be something entirely new that would potentially rock the boat in the eyes of many. This would really be the game-changing shift of character or presentation that so many fans and critics have been clamoring for.

A move to the blue brand ensures Corbin a clean slate, new rivalries, and possibilities for new storylines, even with his wrestling character. Moving Corbin also means that a bigger change may be in the process because he was one among the few who was conspicuous by their absence at the WWE Performance Center.

This implies overhauling his character, whereby there could be several new incorporations to bring some element of freshness back to his main roster role. Both Breakker and Corbin have reacted publicly to the parting ways.

In the wrestling community, the focus is just as much on Breakker's potential singles stardom as everyone looks forward to what WWE has in store for the next chapter for Corbin. This kind of strategic reshuffling by WWE does not only elevate a wrestler's single storyline; it most certainly does.

It's also a shot in the arm for an audience and fan base at large, though, should they become invested in the developing dynamics in the roster. Fans are keen on these renewed paths Corbin and Breakker are taking—hence character revamps for the former and the latter's singles opportunities—and are glued to the screens to watch how these will affect both their arcs and, in the final picture, influence WWE's writing canvas.

Baron Corbin