Gunther Says Sami Zayn Was the Right Choice to Win at WrestleMania 40

Gunther reflects on pivotal WrestleMania 40 defeat to Zayn.

by Noman Rasool
Gunther Says Sami Zayn Was the Right Choice to Win at WrestleMania 40
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Gunther, the formidable "Ring General" of WWE, has recently opened up about losing his title at WrestleMania 40, where Sami Zayn ended his impressive undefeated streak and historic Intercontinental Championship reign. In a candid interview with Gorilla Position, Gunther expressed his respect for Zayn, affirming that he was the ideal candidate to conclude his dominant run.

Dominance over the main roster of the WWE for the last two years, Gunther was known for his unbeatable skills and had defeated good percentages of the roster. The invincible steak was finally shattered by Zayn at WrestleMania 40, a move that could surely change the face of the WWE.

Gunther Praises Zayn's Appeal

Reflecting on the match, Gunther praised Zayn's knack for reaching fans, labeling him as the real underdog that the majority of people in this world can identify with. "I don't think there was one right person to end my reign.

There were a few options, and Chad could have been a sensible choice, but Sami was the right guy. He's an outstanding wrestler with a natural connection to the crowd," Gunther remarked. He added, "He's not ideal—the perfect athlete.

Sami is very much human, much like each one of us, very flawed, and that's what makes it easy for the audience to identify with him." WrestleMania 40 wasn't just a fight; it was a story of resilience and doggedness, where Zayn's win was treated like a win for the underdog.

"To get in the ring with Sami on such a major stage and to finish off my championship reign in such a grand way, it was really satisfying," added Gunther. Looking ahead, Gunther revealed his new strategy post-WrestleMania: no longer the target, he plans to challenge every champion in the company.

He also announced his participation in the upcoming King of the Ring tournament, signaling his continued ambition in WWE. This strategic pivot and Gunther’s reflections on his epic match with Sami Zayn highlight a pivotal moment in WWE, setting the stage for more thrilling encounters and storylines as these top athletes vie for supremacy in the wrestling world.

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