Reality TV Star Praises Logan Paul's Athletic Prowess

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by Noman Rasool
Reality TV Star Praises Logan Paul's Athletic Prowess
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Johnny Knoxville, widely recognized for his daring antics and charismatic presence on reality TV, recently shared his admiration for Logan Paul's unexpected prowess in professional wrestling. Speaking on the "Howie Mandel Does Stuff" podcast, Knoxville, who himself had a memorable stint at WrestleMania 38, highlighted Paul's impressive transition into the wrestling world.

Knoxville took on Sami Zayn in a match that was far from ordinary at WrestleMania 38. Including an array of unorthodox props, such as mousetraps and trash cans, the match ended with Zayn being defeated while trapped in a huge mousetrap set up by Knoxville's team.

While the victory may have showcased his wrestling skill, what Knoxville said about Paul will be what all the fans and listeners are talking about from the podcast. Knoxville truly seemed shocked by Paul's athleticism in the squared circle, saying how he has shocked many in the business by becoming a legit pro wrestler.

"I've seen him at WWE events. He's incredibly athletic. I didn't know much about him before, but he's proven himself as a legit pro wrestler," commented in an awe-inspiring fashion for what Paul did.

Logan Paul's Championship Triumph

Logan Paul, "The Maverick," recently won his first championship in the WWE after only a short time in wrestling, beating Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship at Crown Jewel.

The win solidified not just his place in the wrestling spotlight but also showed his dedication to the sport. WWE SmackDown commentator Corey Graves commented on Paul's wrestling journey during an appearance on "The Gunz Show" podcast.

Graves praised Paul's comprehensive approach to wrestling, from his intensive training regimen to his natural charisma, which Graves described as an innate trait not easily taught. "He does it all. He has the training regimen.

He takes it seriously. He's there early, ensuring everything goes according to plan," said Graves. "Logan is so incredibly hands-on, and his charisma is something you're born with." The commendations from both Knoxville and Graves highlight a growing recognition of Logan Paul's role in professional wrestling, marking him as not only a multifaceted entertainer but a committed and skilled athlete whose impact continues to resonate with the WWE Universe.

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