NXT's Scrypts Reacts to WWE Departure

Scrypts bids farewell to WWE, charts new beginnings

by Atia Mukhtar
NXT's Scrypts Reacts to WWE Departure
© WWE/Youtube

Former WWE 24/7 champion and "NXT" talent Scrypts, known offstage as Sidney Akeem, has openly responded to WWE's decision not to renew his contract. Akeem shared his thoughts through a poignant video posted on his X account (formerly Twitter), signaling a new chapter in his career.

The wrestler, also recognized under his previous aliases "Reginald" and "Reggie," notably collaborated with Carmella as her sommelier, showcasing his versatile talents both in and out of the ring. In his video, Akeem is seen methodically packing a box with his wrestling memorabilia, including the 24/7 title and his distinctive mask.

The backdrop of Kendrick Lamar’s "Euphoria," a track known for its sharp lyrics aimed at fellow artist Drake, adds a layer of introspection and defiance to the scene. As he places his OTM necklace in the box, a symbolic gesture of moving forward, the screen fades out with the words "Available June 1st," hinting at his readiness to embrace free agency.

Scrypts' WWE Evolution

This development follows reports from Fightful Select earlier this week, stating that Akeem’s contract is set to expire in early June. Despite his contributions to the company since his signing in 2020, the decision not to extend his tenure has not come as a surprise to him.

Akeem's journey with WWE began with a splash as Carmella’s valet and transitioned into a more enigmatic role as Scrypts within the NXT roster in November 2022. His character evolution, marked by the adoption of a masked persona, reflected a deeper exploration of his performance capabilities.

The wrestling community and fans of NXT's OTM (Out The Mud) group, which includes Bronco Nima, Lucien Price, and Jaida Parker, are keenly observing what’s next for Akeem. Although his future within WWE appears concluded, the doors to the wrestling world remain wide open for him.

Speculations suggest he may continue wrestling under his real name post-WWE, though his continued association with OTM in NXT before his contract's conclusion remains uncertain. Akeem’s departure is not just a career transition but a narrative of resilience and readiness for new opportunities.

As the wrestling world watches, Sidney Akeem seems poised to leverage his free agent status into new ventures, potentially even beyond the wrestling arena. His final bow on WWE might just be the prelude to an exciting new act in his professional saga.