WWE Parts Ways with Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson

WWE's recent roster cuts signal strategic shifts ahead.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Parts Ways with Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson
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WWE has officially terminated the contract of Gable Steveson, the Olympic gold medalist and hopeful future wrestling star, as part of their recent operational adjustments. This decision follows a series of layoffs that has seen the company parting ways with numerous talents over the past month.

Gable Steveson, an acclaimed figure in amateur wrestling, had ventured into the WWE with high expectations. Not long ago, Steveson seemed optimistic about his place within the wrestling titan's roster, having participated in several untelevised matches to sharpen his skills.

Despite these efforts and a high-profile introduction, Steveson's transition into a WWE staple faced challenges, particularly connecting with the broader audience.

WWE Talent Overhaul Continues

The release of Steveson was reported by Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, highlighting a broader strategy of talent reassessment by WWE.

Just last month, WWE released a bevy of talent, including notable names like Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, and Cameron Grimes, underscoring a significant shift in talent management. This week continued the trend with further cuts, mainly impacting wrestlers from the NXT roster such as Ezekiel Balogun, Drew Gulak, and several others.

Gable Steveson's affiliation with WWE began with a promising start when he signed a unique NIL deal in 2020, even before clinching his Olympic victory in 2021. Hailing from a storied career in collegiate wrestling where he suffered only five defeats, Steveson's athletic prowess was undeniable.

His Olympic triumph, where he bested three-time world champion Geno Petriashvili, was a highlight reel moment, sealing his reputation as one of America’s premier heavyweight wrestlers. Despite these credentials, Steveson’s WWE tenure was marred by difficulties in audience engagement, attributed partly to his still-developing on-screen charisma.

His appearances, including a notable moment at WrestleMania, failed to establish him as a viewer favorite, which likely influenced WWE's decision to release him. Now at a career crossroads at the age of 23, Steveson faces a future filled with possibilities but also uncertainties.

While a return to collegiate wrestling and another Olympic run are potential avenues, the world of mixed martial arts could also beckon, leveraging his elite wrestling background. The landscape of professional wrestling outside WWE, with entities like New Japan Pro-Wrestling and AEW, could offer alternative opportunities for Steveson, should he choose to continue in the wrestling world.As WWE reshuffles its roster, the industry watches closely to see where this talented young athlete will make his next move.

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