Corbin Vows Return Amid French Cheers

Baron Corbin responds to unexpected support from French fans.

by Atia Mukhtar
Corbin Vows Return Amid French Cheers
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Absent for real in the recent WWE shows in France, the presence of Baron Corbin was greatly felt as fans chanted his name throughout the arenas of WWE SmackDown and the Backlash premium live event. While acknowledging the nonstop support coming from the French part of his fanbase on social media, the former United States Champion and Money in the Bank winner left him eagerly in expectation of returning to make a memorable impact.

In April 2023, he emerged victoriously against Boogs during a WWE live event in Paris, breaking his losing streak and gaining a rousing standing ovation from the crowd. The significance of the win is that it will act as a step forward to renewing his rapport with the audience.

Recently, in May, on the third and fourth, WWE returned to France, with no Corbin listed on the lineup. But then, his popularity never waned as everyone could be heard chanting his name, a statement of time-tested appeal.

Corbin's Eager Promise

Taking to Twitter, Corbin wrote, "I hear everyone in France chanting my name from FL.

I wish I was there in person to experience it again. It was the coolest night of my career! My people for life!!! Keep sending me videos! Next time I will be there and we will make the walls crumble!!" The tweet does more than just express his thanks; it also encourages him to come back with the power of a stampede.

Baron Corbin is set for a huge main-roster return, over a year in the making. After a successful NXT run and capturing the NXT Tag Team Championship with Bron Breakker, Corbin has been drafted back to WWE SmackDown, returning to the main roster following the month of June 2023.

With the return of Corbin, the wrestling world is all set to be thrilled. With all the big championships and accolades in the WWE, Corbin is considered a wrestler of high esteem and potential. Everyone would like to see what the future holds for Corbin, as he attempts to shine yet again in WWE, entertaining fans all across the world.

Baron Corbin