Bloodline Member Ousted by The Rock, Reigns

Naomi's bold statement shakes up WWE's familial dynamics.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bloodline Member Ousted by The Rock, Reigns
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During the electric atmosphere of the WrestleMania 40 press event, The Rock and Roman Reigns unveiled a detailed family tree showcasing the sprawling Bloodline dynasty, marking the first public display of the family's extensive connections in professional wrestling.

This significant moment underscored the legacy and influence of the Bloodline within the WWE universe. This week on WWE SmackDown, the tension within the Bloodline took center stage as Naomi and Nia Jax clashed in a high-stakes match for a spot in the next phase of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

The competition was fierce, highlighted by Naomi's daring hurricanrana off the top rope. Despite a few technical glitches that momentarily blacked out the broadcast, it was Jax who triumphed, advancing in the tournament.

Naomi Strikes Back

The aftermath of the match saw a frustrated Naomi take to social media to express her discontent.

In a symbolic gesture, she posted an image of the Bloodline family tree and deliberately crossed out Jax’s name, signaling a dramatic removal from the family ranks. Jax responded in kind, reposting the image to her own social media accounts, indicating her displeasure and perhaps setting the stage for further confrontations.

Whether this feud will persist or if Jax will shift her focus to succeeding in the Queen of the Ring tournament remains to be seen. Meanwhile, despite the absence of prominent figures like The Rock and Roman Reigns from WWE since WrestleMania 40, the Bloodline continues to evolve.

Solo Sikoa has been active in expanding the family's roster, introducing Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa to the fold. In an interesting twist, WWE officially altered Tanga Loa's name to Tonga, as evidenced by a graphic during SmackDown.

These new additions, however, were notably absent from the celebrated family tree. Sikoa, acting with what he claims is Roman Reigns' endorsement, has taken the reins of the Bloodline, suggesting a dynamic shift in leadership and possibly the direction of this powerful wrestling lineage.

As the Bloodline narrative unfolds, fans are left wondering how these changes will impact the storied paths of its members and what new alliances or rivalries might emerge from these recent developments.

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