Dana White Endorses UFC Stars in WWE Post-McMahon

UFC and WWE collaboration marks a new era.

by Noman Rasool
Dana White Endorses UFC Stars in WWE Post-McMahon
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In one monumental move that has unified the combat sports landscape, the two powerhouses of WWE and UFC have come under the single umbrella of TKO Group Holdings since last year. This has put in place top management from both organizations under a new collaborative board and paved the way for an exciting crossover of talent between the two brands.

This was brought out recently when WWE legend Randy Orton was spotted at a UFC Fight Night in St. Louis, Missouri. The collaboration that the two companies are taking has been seen recently at the UFC St. Louis post-event press conference where UFC President Dana White expressed his support for such exchanges.

He said that a lot of UFC fighters have ambitions of walking into a WWE ring, a dream he would be more than willing to facilitate.

Dana White's WWE Support

"Many of our fighters have long held the dream of participating in a WWE match.

I've always been open to it, even more so now that the dynamics with Vince McMahon are no longer a barrier," White said, citing the former WWE Chairman with whom he has had a checkered relationship. He added, "With the change in leadership, I'm absolutely supportive of making these crossover appearances happen." This openness on White's part comes just as WWE prepares to hold its special event, NXT Battleground, in the UFC's Apex facility in Las Vegas.

The stage is set not only for physical crossover but for the blending of fan bases, which could redefine audience experiences in both wrestling and mixed martial arts. White's blessing of the WWE-UFC crossover has the community in an uproar with excitement over if, when, and where these crossover events might come to fruition dream matches fans have been begging to see.

The possibilities grow endless and rather thrilling when the lines continue to blur more and more between WWE and UFC, promising a new era in the spectacle of combat sports.

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