Lilian Garcia's Triumphant Return Lights Up WWE Monday Night Raw

Legendary announcer graces WWE ring once more.

by Noman Rasool
Lilian Garcia's Triumphant Return Lights Up WWE Monday Night Raw
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Harkening back to WWE Monday Night Raw in Greenville, South Carolina, the crowd was treated to a return of voices iconic to its storied past. Among those legends was the special appearance of Lilian Garcia, who would return to the ring announcing responsibility a role she so famously held from 1999–2009 following the legendary Howard Finkel.

From Jim Ross to Vince McMahon, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Michael Cole, all the way to present-day, WWE announcers have been the most distinguished for Monday Night Raw. But it was Garcia who set the template for this generation.

Her return, then, wasn't simply a torch-passing, but a statement on the ongoing past-and-future nature of WWE.

Irvin Honors Garcia

The current standout, Samantha Irvin, whose announcing prowess has been highly praised, was given the honor of introducing Garcia.

The poignant moment only seemed to illustrate Irvin's respect for Garcia in her role as a trailblazer in the industry. The torch-passing ceremony took place before one of the night's high-stakes matches the King of the Ring quarter-final between Kofi Kingston and Gunther.

Garcia has announced it: Gunther has won, and her return to the ring for this night has been just as memorable as her tenure there. She moves now into the semifinals to take on Jey Uso. And Garcia's impact with WWE goes far beyond her full-time years as an announcer.

She made returns to announce the finals of the Mae Young Classic in 2017 and to compete in the women-only Evolution pay-per-view in 2018. This is just one part of the significant change in WWE's lineup of voices following the recent draft.

It wasn't until NXT's Alicia Taylor ascended to the main roster on SmackDown that she promised fresh energy and a new voice for fans to enjoy. This is WWE's commitment to excellence in entertainment, whereby, during Monday Night Raw, they highlight the interplay of veteran wisdom and new talent, making it a night to remember for wrestling enthusiasts.

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