Rhea Ripley Responds to WWE Judgment Day Addition

WWE's Latest Twist: Raw's Rising Faction Draws Attention

by Noman Rasool
Rhea Ripley Responds to WWE Judgment Day Addition
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In the latest episode of WWE Raw on May 13, The Judgment Day faction appears to have expanded its lineup with the inclusion of Carlito, following his pivotal role in a high-stakes match. Carlito's intervention helped Finn Balor and JD McDonagh claim victory over the Creed Brothers, New Catch Republic, and Authors of Pain, earning them the number one contender spot for the Awesome Truth’s World Tag Team Championship.

The episode featured crucial moments, including footage of Balor, McDonagh, and Carlito encountering a stoic Damian Priest backstage a moment that intensified later when Priest addressed Carlito. With a tense air, Priest complimented Carlito's actions in the ring, saying, "Carlito, what happened out there, that was cool.

You talked about Rey earlier, I’m sure the boys are going to have your back, but you can handle your business, right? Good, because the crew does not roll with cowards. Don’t let us down, amigo." Rhea Ripley, currently recovering from an injury and absent from the Raw event, endorsed Carlito’s association with The Judgment Day via Twitter.

Her post read: “Ok @Litocolon279!… 👏🏼”, signaling her approval of the new alliance.

Rey's Raw Power Move

Meanwhile, WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio disclosed that he had "pulled some strings" to facilitate Carlito and the Latino World Order's move to Raw.

This revelation comes after Carlito's attack on Dragon Lee prior to WrestleMania, prompting Rey to challenge his former ally to confront the issues head-on in the ring. The developments on Raw not only heat up the competition among WWE's tag teams but also hint at potential rifts and alliances that could influence future matchups.

With Carlito's actions and the reactions from key figures like Priest and Ripley, fans are left anticipating how these dynamics will unfold in the ring. Stay tuned for more updates as these wrestlers navigate their relationships and rivalries in WWE's ever-evolving storyline. #WWERaw

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