R-Truth Vows to Dismantle Judgment Day

WWE's R-Truth shifts alliances, targets former faction.

by Atia Mukhtar
R-Truth Vows to Dismantle Judgment Day
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R-Truth's shocking return at last year's Survivor Series Premium Live Event was just the start of what many saw as a faithful journey to join The Judgment Day. This drastically changed recently. After being on a set course to join The Judgment Day, R-Truth has now bucked the faction and declared himself out to destroy it altogether after a tense episode of Monday Night RAW.

The R-Truth insisted on his place for months in The Judgment Day. He pursued membership of the faction, tirelessly. The group eventually turned on him, which forced him into a tactical alliance with The Miz. This move paid off when they clinched the World Tag Team Championships.

Together, they became a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

Title Shot Secured

The intrigue and interest in this story got thicker last Monday Night RAW, on May 13, when Finn Balor and JD McDonagh of The Judgment Day won themselves a title shot against The Miz and R-Truth, also known as The Awesome Truth, with interference from Carlito.

It set up a rematch that had the fans of WWE excitedly buzzing. Post match, on RAW Talk, The Miz boasted over confidently at their impending match-up with The Judgment Day. He alluded to their wins against the faction, saying he had all the confidence in the world to recapture that win.

However, it was R-Truth's statement that pulled more ears to their statements. Moving on from his previous goals, R-Truth very outspokenly promised to put an end to The Judgment Day once and for all, which illustrates a total dissociation from his earlier connections with them.

As the tension mounts, the wrestling community waits with bated breath: Can The Awesome Truth continue to have a stranglehold on the World Tag Team Championships, or will The Judgment Day come through with an upset? This feud has taken a more intense dimension, and the outcome would probably shift the balance of power in the WWE tag team landscape.

The fans, just as the name suggests, have so much at stake in this rivalry. They must be eager to know the outcome that would decide the fate of The Awesome Truth and The Judgment Day.

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