Von Erichs Eye Tag Match Against Cody rhodes & Dustin Rhodes

Exploring a dream tag team clash in wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
Von Erichs Eye Tag Match Against Cody rhodes & Dustin Rhodes
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In the world of professional wrestling, sibling tag teams often capture the hearts of fans with their dynamic chemistry and captivating storylines. Notable examples include The Hardy Boyz, revered as one of the most influential duos in wrestling history, and The Briscoes, who are celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the tag team genre.

Another pair shaping the future of wrestling is The Young Bucks, whose innovative style has significantly impacted the sport. Amid this storied tradition, Marshall and Ross Von Erich aspire to join the ranks of wrestling's elite tag teams while honoring their prestigious family legacy.

The brothers, sons of wrestling icon Kevin Von Erich, have recently ventured into the podcasting arena. During an episode, Marshall expressed profound admiration for Cody and Dustin Rhodes' match at AEW's Double or Nothing 2019, which he described as one of the greatest he has ever witnessed.

Inspired by the Rhodes brothers, Marshall voiced a heartfelt ambition: to face Cody and Dustin in the ring. "That was good stuff. That was a tag team that Ross and I really want to face before we retire. Who knows? Anything can happen, but that's got to happen—the Von Erichs vs.

The Rhodes. We've gotta do it," he stated.

Championing Classic Wrestling

Further emphasizing their old-school approach to wrestling, Marshall praised the current Undisputed WWE Champion for his adherence to a more traditional wrestling style, which resonates with the Von Erichs' own in-ring philosophy.

"People like the flips and the cartwheels, and it's super impressive. But it's weird. I've noticed that top guys at every company always kind of fall back into that older-school style, just classic professional wrestling. Roman Reigns, you don't see him doing cartwheels and back handsprings.

You don't see Cody Rhodes doing that, even though I've seen Cody Rhodes do a backflip off a cage and it was unbelievably high," he explained. This blend of traditional technique and familial pride not only defines the Von Erichs' approach but also connects them with fans who appreciate the heritage and authenticity of classic wrestling.

As the Von Erichs continue to build their legacy, their potential showdown with the Rhodes brothers looms as a dream match for wrestling aficionados, promising a clash of generational talents steeped in wrestling royalty.

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