Ilja Dragunov Warns WWE Raw Roster Following KOTR Defeat to Jey Uso

Dragunov reflects on intense rivalry and future challenges.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ilja Dragunov Warns WWE Raw Roster Following KOTR Defeat to Jey Uso
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Last night, in a pivotal King of the Ring tournament quarterfinal, Ilja Dragunov faced a tough defeat against Jey Uso. Despite this setback, the recent "WWE Raw" recruit is more determined than ever to prove his mettle on the main roster.

In a candid backstage interview with Cathy Kelley, Dragunov expressed his frustrations and future intentions. "It's so frustrating," Dragunov admitted, visibly fatigued and pained from the evening's exertions. "I'm already dangerous in this ring, but when I'm in pain, I become a monster."

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The conversation soon turned to Dragunov's storied rivalry with GUNTHER, a highlight of their time at WWE NXT Takeover 36 where Dragunov emerged victorious. With GUNTHER advancing in the tournament and Dragunov bowing out, the dynamics within WWE are shifting.

When pressed for his predictions about whether GUNTHER or Uso would reach the finals, Dragunov steered clear of speculation. "The only prediction I can make is for myself: no one is safe anymore," he declared, echoing the sentiments of WWE legend Shawn Michaels, "I'm what the kids call a real problem." Despite the disappointment, Dragunov's spirit remains unbroken, and his resolve to dominate on the main roster is palpable.

As he concluded his interview, he underscored the impact of his loss, "This isn't the end; it’s just a new beginning. Thanks, Cathy," he said before the camera shifted away, signaling a fighter not downed by defeat but fueled by it.

This resilience traces back to his early days in the European independent wrestling scene, where he and GUNTHER first clashed. Over their careers, Dragunov and GUNTHER have faced off in 11 intense singles matches, with Dragunov winning six, including two by disqualification.

GUNTHER has claimed three victories, and one bout ended in a double count-out. Their storied rivalry is far from over, promising WWE fans thrilling confrontations as both wrestlers continue to make their mark. As Dragunov prepares to navigate the challenging waters of WWE Raw, his message to the roster is clear: prepare for a relentless competitor who turns adversity into opportunity.

With his eyes set firmly on the prize, Ilja Dragunov is a name to watch, a contender who embodies the spirit of resilience and the heart of a champion.

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