Bryan Danielson Eyes AEW Showdown with Nigel McGuinness

Exploring the dynamics of wrestling's most revered rivalries.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bryan Danielson Eyes AEW Showdown with Nigel McGuinness
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As Bryan Danielson nears the end of his tenure as a full-time wrestler, speculation swirls around his potential final matches, with a particular spotlight on a reunion in the ring with Nigel McGuinness. The pair, whose rivalry dates back years, are still revered for battles that stand as landmarks in the annals of wrestling history.

Danielson, speaking on "Casual Conversations with The Classic," hinted at a nostalgic rematch with McGuinness, stirring excitement among fans of their storied past confrontations. Though younger wrestling enthusiasts may not immediately recall McGuinness when listing Danielson's iconic adversaries, the duo's intense clashes have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Their encounters are often cited among the most electrifying of the modern era, blending fierce competition with a profound mutual respect. Danielson, whose contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) concludes shortly before the All In event at Wembley Stadium, views a potential match with McGuinness as a fitting capstone to his illustrious full-time career.

Danielson's Candid Reflections

"I would love to wrestle Nigel one more time," Danielson admitted, albeit with reservations about high fan expectations. "Our matches were intensely physical. I'm conscious of what fans might expect versus what we can deliver today." This concern stems from his experience at the 2023 Forbidden Door event, where his bout against Kazuchika Okada, despite being highly anticipated, didn't meet his expectations, particularly in comparison to the Kenny Omega versus Will Ospreay match that preceded it.

This reflection has shaped Danielson's outlook on a possible showdown with McGuinness at Wembley. He sees an advantage in not being the main event—less pressure and more freedom to craft a memorable experience without the burden of topping the bill.

"If Nigel and I could open the show, or even be the second match, that would be ideal," he explained. "Being first would be amazing, setting the tone for the evening without the final spot's expectations." Danielson's candid thoughts reveal not just a wrestler's typical pre-match anxieties but a deeper, introspective take on legacy, performance, and fan engagement.

As the clock ticks down on his full-time career, a bout with McGuinness offers a unique opportunity: a bridge between past glories and future possibilities, all under the iconic arch of Wembley Stadium. With this potential match, Danielson isn't just proposing another fight; he's scripting a fitting tribute to a shared history, a celebration of enduring rivalry and respect.

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