Gunther Warns Ilja Dragunov Post-WWE King of the Ring Ouster

Gunther and Dragunov's rivalry heats up in WWE drama.

by Noman Rasool
Gunther Warns Ilja Dragunov Post-WWE King of the Ring Ouster
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WWE Superstar Gunther, once hailed as the most formidable Intercontinental Champion, is currently carving a path of dominance in the King of the Ring tournament. Despite relinquishing his title to Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 40, Gunther's competitive spirit remains unquenched.

Entering the King of the Ring with determination, he secured victories over seasoned competitors Sheamus and Kofi Kingston, propelling him into the semi-finals. Then there was Ilja Dragunov, another WWE NXT legend, and fierce competitor during Gunther's tenure on that show.

As luck would have it, Ilja Dragunov also made an appearance in one of the latest episodes of WWE RAW, where he was pitted against Jey Uso. Shockingly, he got eliminated from the competition, and from that moment, WWE fans on social media started buzzing about a possible finish in which Gunther and Dragunov could collide in a super-heated battle, reigniting their notorious days on WWE NXT.

Rivalry Reignites Online

hype for a potential clash between the two juggernauts was real, but the tournament left the fans wanting more. Following Dragunov's elimination, Gunther posted on social media, delivering a scathing message to his now-former rival.

This has brought more rumors to light of potential future matches with both now being officially part of the main roster. Speculation abounds on Dragunov’s next moves. Since his main roster debut in April, expectations were sky-high for the former NXT Champion to shake up the WWE landscape.

However, his swift departure from the King of the Ring at the hands of Jey Uso, who despite a relatively simple moveset has gained considerable traction with fans, was a shock to many. Notably, Uso’s rising popularity was evident from the crowd’s reaction at the recent WWE Backlash event in France, which became a trending topic across social media platforms.

Fans expressed their disappointment online, contrasting Dragunov's previous dominance in NXT with his recent performance. Many are left wondering about WWE's future plans for Dragunov and how he will rebound from this setback.

Meanwhile, Jey Uso continues to enhance his profile, capitalizing on every opportunity to prove his mettle as a formidable solo contender in the WWE arena. As the King of the Ring tournament progresses, all eyes will be on these wrestlers’ next moves, with fans eager for drama and surprises that only WWE can deliver.

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