Vince McMahon Named in Lawsuit, WWE Advocates for Arbitration

Ex-WWE employee levels serious accusations against Vince McMahon.

by Noman Rasool
Vince McMahon Named in Lawsuit, WWE Advocates for Arbitration
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Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is facing a sensational lawsuit alleging that he se*ually assaulted and se*-trafficked people in the wrestling business. One of the people who used to work for WWE, Janel Grant, has filed the case and brought out the gruesome messages she alleges she had received from McMahon.

After the lawsuit, McMahon resigned from his role as Executive Chairman of TKO and has now sold nearly all of his shares within the company, a transaction that could finally close the book on his time with WWE. The lawsuit not only points to McMahon, but also the former Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, and WWE are mentioned as defendants on the case.

WWE Supports Arbitration

In a recent legal maneuver, McMahon has moved to have the case shifted to arbitration rather than a public trial, and that is backed by WWE. In a court memo, WWE has called for arbitration, challenging Grant's claims but putting more emphasis on the fact that the matter should be addressed outside court since there is already an existing arbitration agreement.

"WWE disputes Grant’s allegations," the memorandum states. "However, as a preliminary matter, this dispute cannot be adjudicated in a court as Grant consented to arbitrate her claims. Consequently, WWE is seeking to compel this action to arbitration." The memorandum further elaborates that Grant has no actionable claims in this court owing to the separation and non-disclosure agreement she signed with McMahon and WWE, which includes a clause mandating arbitration.

It asserts that all claims by Grant must be resolved through arbitration and that even the question of whether these claims can be arbitrated should itself be determined by an arbitrator. By moving the case to arbitration, the proceedings would transition to private mediation, thus avoiding public scrutiny and potentially limiting the public exposure of any further detrimental evidence.

This move by McMahon and WWE to press for arbitration underscores the high stakes and the sensitive nature of the allegations, shaping up a legal battle that could have profound implications for all parties involved.

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