Drew McIntyre Reflects on Iconic WWE Raw Promo with CM Punk and Seth Rollins

Tensions escalate in WWE's most captivating rivalry.

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Reflects on Iconic WWE Raw Promo with CM Punk and Seth Rollins
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Drew McIntyre’s rivalry with CM Punk has been escalating for months, reaching a boiling point that fans can feel with every promo and match. Their feud, ignited after McIntyre sidelined Punk during the Royal Rumble, has become one of the most heated narratives in WWE.

A notable peak in their confrontation occurred on March 25 during WWE Raw in Punk's own backyard, Chicago, where they were joined by none other than Seth Rollins. In a candid interview with the Daily Mail, McIntyre shared reflections on his interactions with Punk, surprisingly expressing gratitude towards the former AEW World Champion.

According to McIntyre, Punk's prowess on the mic has inadvertently pushed him to elevate his own verbal game. “When Punk grabs that mic, you know he’s all in. The first time we faced off since his WWE return, I could tell he recognized he wasn’t dealing with the same old Drew.

Right then, I knew I had his measure,” McIntyre revealed, recounting how he dominated their initial in-ring encounter by targeting Punk’s arm.

McIntyre's Legendary Promo

The significance of their exchanges, particularly in the high-stakes environment of WWE, has not been lost on McIntyre.

He emphasized the importance of quick thinking and adaptability in the ring, traits that were on full display during their intense promo segment in Chicago. “That night, everyone saw that I could stand toe-to-toe with Punk at his best.

And Seth, he really brought another level to what many now consider a legendary segment,” McIntyre added. This ongoing saga not only showcases the raw emotional and physical competitiveness of professional wrestling but also highlights the personal growth and on-screen chemistry among McIntyre, Punk, and Rollins.

As WrestleMania 40 approaches, where McIntyre will face Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship, the wrestling world buzzes with anticipation over how this rivalry will evolve. Wrestling enthusiasts and casual viewers alike are tuning in, making every promo and match a must-see event that continues to draw significant attention and discussion among fans.

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