Former WWE Star Recalls Accidental Incident with Dusty Rhodes

Exploring a night out with wrestling legends in New Orleans.

by Noman Rasool
Former WWE Star Recalls Accidental Incident with Dusty Rhodes
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Dusty Rhodes, known affectionately as "The American Dream" in the wrestling community, left an indelible mark on professional wrestling with his charismatic presence and larger-than-life personality. Beyond his wrestling prowess, Rhodes is remembered for the captivating stories that followed him, including an unusual yet humorous incident involving former WWE star, Brian Blair.

In a candid conversation with Steve Fall from Ringside News, Blair recounted a particularly memorable experience from his wrestling days that left everyone, including the legendary Dusty Rhodes, in stitches albeit after some initial shock.

Blair, Rhodes, and none other than Andre The Giant were unwinding in New Orleans, having just completed a major event. The trio decided to indulge in some local cuisine at Felix’s, where oysters were the dish of the day, although Andre opted for beer.

Rhodes Memorable Evening

As their evening continued, they moved to explore another local bar known for its unique decor a chair with a swinging female mannequin. Urged by their curiosity and the spirited atmosphere, they decided to check it out.

Blair, feeling the call of nature, planned to relieve himself upon reaching their new destination. Upon arrival, their adventure took a dark turn quite literally as the lights inside the venue suddenly went out. In the pitch-black setting, confusion ensued.

Andre cautioned everyone to guard their belongings, a common precaution in such unexpected situations. Amid the chaos, Blair mistakenly identified a nearby palm tree as a safe spot to relieve himself. However, as the lights flickered back on, the truth came to light Blair was not aiming at a tree, but rather, he had accidentally directed his stream onto Rhodes's leg and into his iconic cowboy boots.

Rhodes’s immediate reaction was one of fiery dismay, humorously exclaiming displeasure while Andre's laughter echoed through the bar. Despite Rhodes's initial threats of career consequences for Blair, the incident quickly turned into a source of laughter and a story that both men would recount for years.

Blair's mishap, resulting in about three cups of unintended comedy, underscored the unpredictable and often hilarious moments that can occur in the world of professional wrestling. It is not only a comic tale about Dusty Rhodes but also part of the camaraderie the moments wrestlers share in making a legend: "The American Dream." These are behind-the-scenes stories that many wrestling fans cherish, as it shows the human side of their large-than-life heroes.

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