GALLUS' NXT Return: Will They Join WWE's Main Roster?

WWE officials are closely monitoring Gallus for promotion.

by Noman Rasool
GALLUS' NXT Return: Will They Join WWE's Main Roster?
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The wrestling trio of Gallus members Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang returned to NXT this week with a bang. Long embedded in the NXT roster, Gallus has now resurfaced in all discussions about their potential promotion to the WWE main roster.

The storied history of Gallus in the WWE developmental brand turned up with a mysterious occurrence on NXT this past week. During the broadcast, three top contenders Wes Lee, Ivar, and Josh Briggs were found incapacitated backstage just as the show went into a commercial break.

The shocking scene preluded to the surprise return of Gallus, who would be revealed to have been the attackers, asserting their dominance and stirring intrigue into the NXT fandom.

Gallus' Imminent Promotion

That speculation over Gallus moving to the main roster has been fueled further by reports emanating from the Fightful Select regarding WWE officials paying close attention to promoting the group.

Those discussions are claimed to have kicked up a gear around the period of the WWE Draft this month, so a call-up seems imminent. Sources indicate that the internal discussion in WWE is that Gallus is to make his main roster debut in the coming months, although specific timelines are unclear.

As the Gallus progress through their NXT experience, recent disruptive activities are hinting they are being positioned for even greater challenges. The booking for these skilled athletes is strategic, thus a sign of well-orchestrated build-up, to see they are well prepared and tested to the required standard before a bigger stage on WWE's main roster.

A potential promotion for Gallus that could change the game drastically within the WWE is being viewed critically by the wrestling community and fans alike. Having shown their ability with a growing fan base, Gallus appears very much on course to have an effect on the wrestling landscape in a sustainable manner.

And with it, it will now be all eyes on how they are utilized in the coming months leading up to what many hope will be a successful transition to WWE's main stage.