WWE Legend's Signature Move AJ Styles Refuses to Perform

AJ Styles discusses career and infamous wrestling moves.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend's Signature Move AJ Styles Refuses to Perform
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In a candid discussion with "SHAK Wrestling," AJ Styles expressed his distaste for one of wrestling's more notorious moves, the "Stink Face," famously used by Rikishi. Styles emphasized his reluctance to ever perform this move, where the wrestler's rear end is forcefully applied to the opponent's face.

"I will never take it, I would find a way to get out of it," Styles declared. He differentiated it from other maneuvers, such as the less controversial running butt attack by a Samoan, which he'd be more willing to take. Rikishi himself has noted in the past that the "Stink Face" wasn't exactly popular among wrestlers, though many, including legends like Booker T, The Rock, and Kurt Angle, have grudgingly accepted it during matches.

The interview also revealed Rikishi's unpredictable approach to the attire used for this move sometimes freshly laundered, and other times not, keeping his opponents always guessing.

Styles' New Direction

Beyond the ring antics, Styles' career trajectory took a notable turn following his recent loss to Cody Rhodes at Backlash in Lyon, France.

With his sights now set on the King of the Ring tournament, which kicked off on the first "WWE Raw" after Backlash, Styles' pursuit of the Undisputed WWE Championship appears to be taking a backseat. Reflecting on his illustrious career, Styles hinted at retirement plans in the same interview.

Approaching what he considers the twilight of his wrestling days, he expressed a desire to conclude his career on a high note, with a memorable storyline and match. "I'm getting close to the end," he admitted, focusing on ending his career while he can still perform at his current high level.

As Styles prepares for his next challenge in the King of the Ring, fans and insiders alike are eager to see how this veteran shapes the final chapters of his storied WWE career, aiming to exit the ring with the same flair and passion that have defined his time within the squared circle.

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