Asuka to Temporarily Step Away from WWE, Plans Return

Asuka prioritizes health with a strategic wrestling hiatus.

by Noman Rasool
Asuka to Temporarily Step Away from WWE, Plans Return
© WWE/Youtube

Renowned WWE Women's Champion Asuka has announced she will be taking a short break from the wrestling business to deal with a nagging knee injury. The respected sports celebrity had revealed her plan through her personal YouTube channel, KanaChanTV, providing insight into the struggles she has faced in the recent months.

"I mean, right at the very start - after suffering the trials of my European tour - it became patently obvious that I would have to stand down and focus on trying to rest my knee, which has been bugging me for ages," said Asuka in her video update.

She further expressed huge gratitude to her team members Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai for the main support during the tour, which allowed her to pull through the matches with limited mobility.

Asuka's Resilient Return

Asuka's knee troubles first became evident in March, and WWE officials pulled her from house show appearances at that time.

But showing her never-die spirit and resilience, Asuka came back in the nick of time for WrestleMania XL. She kept on actively playing until the WWE Backlash in Lyon on May 4th. During such high stake events, Asuka and her other half Kairi Sane had to take a challenging match and eventually lost their WWE Women's Tag Team Titles to the strong contenders Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill.

Originally going to be part of the much-hyped Queen of the Ring tournament, Asuka fell out of the running because of an injury and created an opening for her Damage CTRL tag partner, Dakota Kai. That opening didn't bring her much success, though, as Kai lost in the opening round to Lyra Valkyria.

Asuka's absence is a significant blow to her fans and the WWE community, as she is celebrated not only for her remarkable skills but also for her spirited presence in the ring. As she focuses on her recovery, the wrestling world eagerly awaits her return, hopeful for yet another electrifying performance by the 'Empress' of WWE.

Asuka's choice brings to the forefront the physical demand and pure resilience that must be mustered in professional wrestling: athletes are truly put through the wringer in this physical sport. Her temporary exit from the ring is a reminder of how important health and wellness is in achieving long-term success in a demanding sport like this.