Wealthiest WWE Legends: From The Rock to Hulk Hogan

Discover the financial giants of the wrestling world.

by Noman Rasool
Wealthiest WWE Legends: From The Rock to Hulk Hogan
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WWE has been a matrix for making some of the most legendary figures in professional wrestling, thereby making them multimillionaires and international celebrities. Look closely at the richest wrestlers nowadays who are still competing, and then those who are retired or no longer with WWE.

Leading this list is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and he is said to be worth at least $800 million, as reported by The Scotsman. Charismatic and athletic in the WWE ring, he has taken on Hollywood as one of its top action stars.

When he does make his sporadic appearances in WWE, it's always a spectacular event because fans are truly appreciative of him. After Johnson, comes Triple H, not only another defining star during the WWE's Attitude Era but also the WWE Chief Operating Officer with a net worth level of $250 million; strategic marriages both to Stephanie McMahon and within the WWE business structure have positioned him as a central figure in the sport's evolution.

John Cena's Empire

At third place is John Cena, whose name is almost synonymous with WWE. The wrestler easily crossed over to acting, which further made him popular, raising his net worth to an unimaginable $80 million. Although deep down the base of his fame goes to massive wrestling success, he keeps cementing his name through the lineup of on-the-movie pipe.

Following in at fourth, another giant of the ring during the Attitude Era was Stone Cold Steve Austin. Having been retired from the ring for a very long time now, the influence of Steve Austin still remains as reflected by his net worth, which is $30 million.

Stone Cold became one of the most vocal characters in professional wrestling, with catchphrases that became a part of wrestling folklore. Finally, in the top five, is that of Hulk Hogan, with a net worth estimate of $25 million.

With a controversial career, he has been a major contributor to the popularization of professional wrestling, at least during its first mainstream days. WWE's brand has been made possible because of him, attracting fans in large number from all corners of the world.

These are the wrestlers who don't just determine the trajectory of WWE, but also amass fortunes worthy of both sports and entertainment. To this day, their stories continue to inspire and influence new generation's wrestlers as well as fans.

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